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Otolaryngology coding convention

If you’re stumped whilst coding a tympanoplasty with mastoidectomy, you aren’t on my own as with the checklist of similar-looking codes, any individual may get became round. The essential factor is memorizing which codes constitute a wall up and wall down means, and figuring out an ossicular chain reconstruction (OCR).

1. Canal wall up with OCR preserves canal, eliminates Ossicles

The trademark of a canal wall up mastoidectomy is keeping intact the bony posterior exterior auditory canal. The CPT codes for a wall up means with OCR are: 69636, 69637, 69642, 69644.

2. Canal wall up no OCR maintains canal and Ossicles

If the surgeon maintains the exterior auditory canal however does no longer point out the incus you’re looking at a wall up means with out OCR, the codes for which can be: 69635, 69641, and 69643.

3. Canal Wall Down way radical Mastoidectomy

The phrases ‘radial’ or ‘whole’ let you know the surgeon used a canal wall down means for the mastoidectomy.

For extra Otolaryngology coding updates, join Otolaryngology coding meetings. One such convention is going down later this 12 months at Orlando, FL which is able to no doubt end up recommended for all otolaryngology coders. While you join one, you’ll get professional answers to your whole otolaryngology coding and compensation demanding situations underneath one roof.

Although you in finding it tricky to wait one, you’ll be able to educate your group from the comforts of your house with the assistance of audio CDs and MP3s. So get some great benefits of an otolaryngology coding convention and spot the large distinction for your apply’s earnings.

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