Bendtner tells all about prostitutes and gold-diggers

Former Arsenal and Juventus striker Nicklas Bendtner has published all about prostitutes, gold-diggers and infidelity in soccer, record the Day-to-day Superstar.

Because the Day-to-day Superstar record, Bendtner has not too long ago launched his new tell-all ebook ‘Each Facets’ – and it appears as even though there’s numerous content material for us to get our tooth caught into.

Bendtner’s identify is understood everywhere around the soccer international, in spite of monumentally failing to fulfil the prospective he confirmed all over his more youthful years with the Gunners.

This is, in some ways, because of his vibrant persona. It’s because of this it comes as no marvel that his new ebook pulls no punches and withholds no main points.

The Day-to-day Superstar have quoted a tale from the ‘Each Facets’ all over which Bendtner describes how continuously prostitutes had been employed by way of footballers, with them being noticed as a beneficial choice to the ‘gold-diggers’ he describes:

“It’s much less dangerous than selecting up women whilst out in town. And should you’re at risk of infidelity — I learn someplace or different this is applicable to 46 in keeping with cent of Danes — you infrequently dare do the deed with a ‘civilian’ any further. Now not whilst you’re a well-known footballer.”

“I learn about a lot of incidents involving prostitutes. However I do know of simply as many tales about extortion by means of social media.”

“We’re speaking about gold-diggers from the nightlife scene who’re up for a f*** after which take a photograph of you slumbering it off when you’re starkers. With the ones pictures as their trump card, they may be able to call for stuff to stay their mouths close.”

“They usually do. It’s no longer precisely iron-clad, however a minimum of prostitutes have a trade of types to offer protection to. So yeah, I’ve witnessed that in the beginning hand. Even the day ahead of a fit when the staff had been ­amassed on the lodge in some godforsaken position”

Hearts will bleed for Bendtner and his footballing opposite numbers studying this. It will have to be extremely tough dwelling your lifestyles with girls in pursuit, particularly should you’re some of the 46% of Danes ‘at risk of infidelity’.

That’s a surprisingly polished solution to describe what’s it appears that evidently simply dishonest, scumbaggery.

Bendtner does smartly to steer clear of implicating himself being untrue and hiring prostitutes. Even though, his different part is the pretty Philine Roepstorff, so most likely he’s some of the morally sound 54%.

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