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The next is a visitor publish from Mindaugas Jančis.

This extremely medical analysis targets to try how JuveFC.com rated the avid gamers right through the 2019/20 season. It additionally makes far-fetched conclusions from supplementary information, such because the choice of video games performed and whether or not it used to be the Champions League or an area fit. Chiellini, who unfortunately performed best 3 video games, hasn’t been incorporated.


Crew common: 6.0

Crew median: 6.0

After counting person participant scores right through the season, I’ve made up our minds to test how the workforce fared in each and every sport and whether or not there’s a correlation between participant efficiency and the win-draw-loss column.

Unsurprisingly, higher play method higher effects. When the workforce common used to be 6.Zero or upper, Juventus received 32 out of 33 video games, September 17 Atletico fit being the one draw.

The supreme two video games have been wins in opposition to Udinese (7.Zero December 15, 6.Eight January 15) however the different one used to be the third worst sport (5.1 July 23).

The worst sport used to be a loss in opposition to Cagliari (4.6 July 29).

Maximum unworthy win got here in opposition to Genoa (5.7 October 30).

Maximum unworthy draw got here in opposition to Fiorentina (5.Zero September 14).

There are no unworthy losses – each time the ranking used to be 5.7 or decrease.


Hardest combatants (under 6.Zero a minimum of two occasions):

  • Lyons L February 26 – 5.2
  • Napoli L January 27 – 5.5
  • Lazio L December 7 – 5.5
  • Lazio L December 23 – 5.6
  • Sassuolo D December 1 – 5.7
  • Napoli D June 17 – 5.8
  • Lyons W August 7 – 5.9
  • Sassuolo D July 15 – 5.9

Perfect combatants (above 6.Zero a minimum of two occasions):

  • Udinese W December 15 – 7.0
  • Udinese W January 15 – 8
  • Roma W January 22 – 6.6
  • Inter W March 8 – 6.6
  • Inter W October 6 – 6.5
  • Roma W January 11 – 6.4


Listed below are the common and median participant scores. Under 25% scores are coloured in crimson, 25–75% are in yellow, and above 75% are inexperienced.

There’s additionally a graph for each and every participant’s scores right through the season that displays unfavorable, impartial, or sure trendlines.

Reasonable and median

Crew common: 6

Crew median: 6


Min 5.27 Rugani
Reasonable 6.0
Max 6.79 Ronaldo
Min Max Distinction 1.52
25% Percentile 5.69 Danilo
Median 6.0 11 avid gamers
75% Percentile 6.25


  Participant Avg Score Median Score
1. Ronaldo 6.79 7
2. Dybala 6.77 7
3. Demiral 6.5 6.5
4. De Ligt 6.41 6.5
5. Buffon 6.4 6.5
6. Szczęsny 6.27 6
7. Costa 6.18 6.5
8. Bonucci 6.16 6.5
9. Higuain 6.13 6
10. Ramsey 6.04 6
11. Cuadrado 6.02 6
12. Bentancur 6.02 6
13. Rabiot 5.99 6
14. Pjanic 5.98 6
15. Sandro 5.95 6
16. Matuidi 5.71 6
17. Danilo 5.69 6
18. de Sciglio 5.59 6
19. Can 5.42 5.5
20. Bernardeschi 5.37 5.5
21. Khedira 5.29 5.5
22. Rugani 5.27 5.5



Each Dybala and Ronaldo are the best-rated avid gamers – the adaptation between 6.79 and six.77 is negligible, their median ratings are similar and higher than another participant’s.

The worst avid gamers are Rugani and Khedira with 5.27 and 5.Nine averages and 5.Five median ranking. Simplest Bernardeschi and May have the similar 5.Five median.

Rabiot is Mr common – his 5.99 is closest to Juventus common of 6.00.

Costa and Bonucci stand out with their median scores of 6.5, which might be upper than Szczęsny’s 6. Because of this that they had extra above-average video games than Szczęsny and technically must switch puts with him.


Participant scores – historical charts

Numbers can inform a tale however a chart can do it higher. Under are the charts with each and every participant’s scores right through the season. The trendline displays whether or not issues are going north, south, or nowhere in the end.

The lengthy flat line is the COVID-19 wreck. It’s attention-grabbing to peer how some avid gamers scored prior to and after the wreck, whilst some have been just about unfazed.

Once more, any ranking that’s lower than 6 is under the workforce’s common.




When 10 out of 22 avid gamers, together with certainly one of your Best 2, are on a visual decline right through the season, combating for trophies can turn into a frightening job. Some have been going up however crashed after the coronavirus wreck, others couldn’t climb again from the outlet it doesn’t matter what.

We received’t be together with Demiral, Khedira, and Can as a result of they haven’t performed a lot and thus didn’t have an opportunity to turn indicators of enchancment, steadiness, or the loss of each.


Getting higher: Ronaldo, Rabiot, de Ligt, Bernardeschi (!)

Staying the similar: Szczęsny, Buffon, Bonucci, de Ligt, Matuidi, Costa, Cuadrado

Getting worse: de Sciglio, Pjanic, Sandro, Ramsey, Dybala (!), Higuain, Rugani


De Ligt has proven the largest enchancment for the reason that get started of the season.

Rugani has proven the largest anti-improvement right through the season.


General video games performed

Juventus participant has performed 30 video games on common within the 2019/20 season. That’s 58% of the entire video games (52) performed through the workforce. When counting the entire video games performed,
Bernardeschi is Mr Reasonable.

XI maximum used avid gamers (4-3-3): Szczęsny, Sandro, Bonucci, De Ligt, Cuadrado, Matuidi, Pjanic, Rabiot, Ronaldo, Higuain, Dybala

XI least used avid gamers (4-4-2): Buffon, Danilo, Rugani, Demiral, de Sciglio, Khedira, Bentancur, Can, Ramsey, Costa, Bernardeschi


Participant Video games % of Video games
Bonucci 47 90%
Ronaldo 46 88%
Cuadrado 44 85%
Higuain 43 83%
Pjanic 42 81%
Dybala 41 79%
Sandro 41 79%
Matuidi 40 77%
De Ligt 39 75%
Szczęsny 37 71%
Rabiot 36 69%
Danilo 31 60%
Bernardeschi 30 58%
Bentancur 28 54%
Ramsey 28 54%
Costa 22 42%
Khedira 17 33%
Buffon 15 29%
Rugani 13 25%
de Sciglio 11 21%
Demiral 8 15%
Can 6 12%
Reasonable 30 58%


Just right avid gamers will have dangerous video games and vice versa. However which of them had probably the most? On this article, a dangerous sport is the rest under 6 ranking and a excellent sport is 7 or extra.

General video games

Maximum ≥7 Video games Video games
Ronaldo 25
Dybala 22
De Ligt 14
Szczęsny 11
Bonucci 10
Higuain 10


Maximum <6 Video games Video games
Bernardeschi 21
Matuidi 16
Higuain 15
Pjanic 15
Rabiot 14
Cuadrado 12
Danilo 12


As you’ll be able to see, Higuain is featured in each tables, which means that he has a tendency to both thieve the display or disappear in a shadow, the latter, unfortunately, going down extra frequently. However which avid gamers have the finest and the worst distinction between the great and the dangerous video games?


The common Juventus participant has 9.Four dangerous video games, 14.Four common video games, 6.2 excellent video games out of 30 in line with season.


Dybala and De Ligt had few dangerous and lots of excellent video games

Bernardeschi and Danilo had many dangerous and few excellent video games

Bonucci, Demiral, and Costa had nearly the same quantity of excellent and dangerous video games

% of video games

We’ve been evaluating the entire numbers thus far and that makes a distinction when Bonucci has performed 47 video games (probably the most in Juventus) and Costa gave the impression in best 22 (to not point out that some have been overdue sport substitutions). Let’s see if the rest adjustments if we depend the % of excellent and dangerous video games.


The common Juventus participant had 34% dangerous video games, 47% impartial video games, and 19% excellent video games.

Dybala, Ronaldo. Buffon, De Ligt, and Szczęsny had few dangerous and lots of excellent video games

De Sciglio, Can, Khedira, Rugani, and Bernardeschi had many dangerous and few or none excellent video games

Bonucci and Costa had just about the same quantity of dangerous and excellent video games

Costa is Mr. Pendulum – 50% likelihood he’ll be common, 27% likelihood he’ll be dangerous, and 23% likelihood he’ll be excellent


Dybala and Ronaldo are the one two avid gamers with the vast majority of their video games ranked 7 or extra

Khedira, Rugani, and Bernardeschi are 3 participant with the vast majority of their video games ranked under 6


Best Three avid gamers which can be perhaps to have a median sport – Sandro (71%), Cuadrado (64%), Bonucci (60%)

Best Three avid gamers which can be least prone to have a median sport – Rugani (23%), Ronaldo (24%), Bernardeschi (27%)

After switching to the odds, Dybala and Ronaldo transfer puts, making the previous Juventus’ supreme acting participant. Buffon strikes as much as the third position and Bonucci not makes the lower.

Whilst Szczęsny turns out to fare worse percentage-wise, one mustn’t put out of your mind that he’s performed 7 out of Eight Champions League video games (extra at the league comparability later). Juventus misplaced just one sport out of Buffon’s 15, so it’s herbal for him to get a greater ranking.

It’s something to earn a excellent ranking taking part in in opposition to SPAL and every other to polish in an away sport in opposition to Atletico Madrid. That’s why we’ll be checking which avid gamers are at their supreme when it issues maximum. In fact, Eight video games is a small pattern dimension and lots of avid gamers gave the impression best in a couple of Champions League video games, whilst others didn’t play in any respect. Subsequently, we’ll be noting simply the numerous variations in scores of those that gave the impression in a minimum of Three video games.


Very best and worst avid gamers

Best Five Champions League avid gamers are Dybala, De Ligt, Ronaldo, Bonucci, and Higuain. Regardless of it’s supreme ranking, Dybala gave the impression in best Five Champions League fixtures.

Backside Five Champions League avid gamers are Khedira, Rabiot, Danilo, Bentancur, and Ramsey. Regardless of his deficient ranking, Bentancur gave the impression in 7 out of Eight Champions League fixtures.


Best Five Italy avid gamers are Ronaldo, Dybala, Buffon, De Ligt, and Demiral.

Backside Five Italy avid gamers are Rugani, Khedira, Bernardeschi, de Sciglio, and Can.


Dybala, De Ligt, and Ronaldo are the one avid gamers within the Best 25% of Champions League and Italy.

Bernardeschi and Khedira are the one avid gamers within the Backside 25% of Champions League and Italy

Cuadrado, Szczęsny, Sandro, and Pjanic are common in all video games


The common workforce ranking is just about the similar when evaluating the Champions League and Italian suits (Serie A, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa), because of this that Juventus displays up with the similar composure in each sport.


Distinction in scores

In spite of everything, the time has come to peer which avid gamers shift in every other equipment at the global scene and which of them succumb to the force and finally end up substituted.

CL Diff Max Diff Video games
Bernardeschi +0.59 4
Dybala +0.38 5
Matuidi +0.32 4


CL Diff Min Diff Video games
Rabiot -0.68 5
Ronaldo -0.43 8
Bentancur -0.38 7
Ramsey -0.33 4


A lot to my marvel, Bernardeschi became out to have the largest sure ranking difference. Whilst his 4 caps in Champions League are nonetheless under common (5.88), it’s nonetheless significantly better than his third-worst 5.29 ranking in Italy video games.

The opposite two avid gamers who’ve proven an important enchancment in Champions League video games are Dybala and Matuidi (!). The latter used to be common in Champions League and deficient within the home tournaments, in order that’s now not significantly better than Bernardeschi’s end result.

And to my greatest marvel, Ronaldo has fizzled when it issues maximum. The variation between his Italy and Champions League performances is 2nd best to Rabiot, who’s common in Italy and under common in Europe. Ronaldo is the one participant that performs above common in all leagues however nonetheless performs considerably worse within the Champions League.

Identical to Rabiot, the opposite two, Bentancur, and Ramsey, are common in Italy and under common in Europe.

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